Enjoy a minimum of 5 days longer

When you buy, receive or order flowers, you naturally want to enjoy them for as long as possible.

If you follow these tips, you can enjoy your flowers for at least 5 days longer In most cases, even longer!


Clean vases

Immediately after use, fill the vase with a combination of water and a dash of bleach. Use a brush.

Store the vase only when it is completely clean and dry. In many cases, vases that are put away without cleaning will never become clean and clear again.

All our flowers are put in water with Chrysal flower food as soon as they come from the auction. This ensures that the flowers stay fresh longer and can be processed in our bouquets.

When you receive the bouquet, there is always a bag of Chrysal food to add to the water.
Chrysal ensures that flowers develop fully and that they bloom nicer for longer

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When you receive the flowers:

1. Fill a clean vase with plenty of water at room temperature supplemented with a bag of Chrysal flower food. A bag of this high quality flower food is always included with our flowers.
2. Cut the stem of the flower 2 cm diagonally with a sharp knife, this promotes the food intake of the flower.
Never use scissors, break or smash the stem of the flower, for this will prevent food of being absorbed


If you transport the flowers:

1. Do not place the flowers in direct sunlight. This allows the flowers to dry out so that the food can no longer be absorbed.
2. Wrap the flowerstems in damp paper if you have to travel longer distances. This prevents the stem from drying.